we have been dating for nearly 4 years, and my fiance` is probably one of the most outspoken nerdy guys you will ever meet. he now knows that this blog exists (as of 07.02.2012, my birthday. Oh and he thought it was cute and he really liked it. Even laughed at a lot of the posts. ANYWAY...) introducing: whimsical things my fiance` says

whimsical things my fiance` says

  • Austin: Quickly Mozart, activate the magic flute and teleport us home. Wagner is right behind me on his ring cycle.
  • Me: What if Zuko's mom was lost in an air balloon like Amanda's mom in Moody's Point?
  • Austin: no
  • Austin: no
  • Austin: nonononononono
  • Austin: nooooooooope
  • Austin: nein
  • Austin: neit
  • Austin: no
  • Austin: no
  • Austin: nope

So Austin and I are determined to beat every single Zelda game ever made. (Combined, we own all but 1!)
He’s beaten:
Windwaker, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess.
I put him to shame. :X
Oracle of Seasons, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks.
(I’m collecting Triforce charts in Windwaker, so that’s pretty close to the end, but who’s counting? ;) )

April 19th.

I helped Austin move into his apartment today.

Too bad I’m now 2 1/2 hours away from him. (Gee, taking a summer class for two weeks wasn’t even this weird to be so far apart.)

This semester is just going to be so different, since I’m still on campus, and he’s moved off into an apartment. 


  • Me: If we ever decide to get a truck, can I please get decals for it to say "This truck runs on FREEDOM"?!
  • Austin: Yes.
  • Me: sfndsinfsdoifns awww yissssss!
  • Austin: Oh, by the way, we do have a dishwasher for the apartment.
  • Me: PLEASE don't tell me that it's going to be me.
Autocorrect V

Autocorrect V

Our 4 year anniversary was yesterday!

And as he dropped me off at my house, we were sitting in his car talking. 


Dink…. dink…

Me: Was that rain?


Austin: Looks like it.
Me: *sigh* Wanna wait till it stops?
Austin: Ok.

10 minutes later:
Me: It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up… Let’s run up to my house on the count of three. One…. two… 
Austin: Three! 

We both booked it to my front porch and kissed each other goodbye.

But then…

He took my purse, sat it down on the porch, kissed me again while walking towards the front porch steps… and out into the rain! 

It was just like The Notebook.

Austin: Happy anniversary, Brittany.